FreeNetwork IP Allocations

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  • FreeNetwork IP Allocations

This is a list of IP Allocations used by various Wireless Groups around the world and can be used for coordinating IP addressing and peering. See also WirelessGroupNumbers for ASN assignments.

The intent is to avoid possible addressing conflicts. If your group is using address space that conflicts with another group on this list, you should still list your address range. Deleting a conflicting groups allocation does not solve the problem! (did I really have to say that?).

Please sort this list by IP address.

If you have a problem, Email or hassle him on the IRC server.
Group IP Allocation ?WebSite ?AdminContact
Wiana-Locustworld 1.x.x.x
Consume 10.x.x.x
RotterdamWireless 10.0.1.x
IrishWan: Wexford 10.0.x.x
NEDWireless 10.0.1.x/24 sinisa at nedwireless dot net
NEDWireless-BB 10.0.2.x/24 sinisa at nedwireless dot net
NEDWireless-HT 10.0.3.x/24 sinisa at nedwireless dot net
NEDWireless-PW 10.0.4.x/24 sinisa at nedwireless dot net
NEDWireless-DW 10.0.5.x/24 sinisa at nedwireless dot net
Waterville Free Network
IrishWan: Cork 10.1.x.x .
IrishWan: Dublin 10.2.x.x .
IrishWan: Waterford 10.3.x.x .
BuenosAiresLibre: Argentina 10.4.x.x
ZGWireless banda at zgwireless dot net
XiNTCAT - Old SeuNet
XiNTCAT - Old SeuNet IPv4 DHCP & IPv6 automatic address assigned to all people
Vidanets Cooperativa 10.7.x.x
Great Oak Cohousing visit Homepage
Fayetteville, AR, US No website yet
SFLan info AT
MelbourneWireless bpurgar1[at] bpurgar1[at]
SeattleWireless 10.14-23.x.x
WiFiHR kontakt_@_wifihrDOTnet
Anchorage Unplugged 10.15.x.x
GTWireless 10.16.x.x visit Homepage (Contact Page)
Wireless Nomad 10.17.x.x
WiFiHR-Hvar kontakt_@_wifihrDOTnet
VGWireless ivan dot dumlija at gmail dot com
WiFiHR-SB xmix at wifihr dot net
SIWireless sinisa @ zipy dot org
GNET 10.23.x.x
CUWireless 10.24.x.x
?KlakaNet No website yet
Savica.NET 10.29.x.x/16
Dugave Wireless
?PenwithWireless visit Homepage
RedLibre (Spain)
RedLibre (Spain)
RedLibre (Spain)
OlyFreeNet 10.40.x.x visit Homepage
LuftNetz visit Homepage
SKWireless No website yet
Slobostina Wireless 10.45.x.x
5net (Petrinja, Croatia)
GLWireless (Glina, Croatia)
Germanwireless 10.49.x.x Under construction
NorwayWireless 10.48-55.x.x visit Homepage
ISAFreenet (Australia) 10.50.x.x
Kalgoorlie (Australia) (part of WAFreenet) ipczar who is at
Aeroenlace (Córdoba, Argentina) elnomade at
?RiWireless (Rijeka, Croatia) vittorio a vip d hr
PulaWireless (Pula, Croatia)
?ManchesterWireless 10.55.x.x ipadmin AT
BogotaWireless BogotaWireless at hot
PucelaWireless visit Homepage
?LilleSansFil 10.59.x.x visit Homepage
VB-VGW http://about:blank zdravko dot dzananovic at zg dot htnet dot hr
WAFreenet (Australia) / ipczar who is at
NT Freenet (Northern Territory, Australia) / info (at)
mislatasincables en construccion mislatasincables en hot
redwifi en construccion
?TasFreenet (Australia) . .
ZaragozaWireless Zaragoza Address Allocations
AlamedaWireless 10.88.x.x drew at wirelessanarchy dot com
WirelessLeeuwarden 10.89.x.x carnager2 at sdvanime dot com
Salonica Wireless Network (Hellas) 10.100-129.x.x .
BC Wireless 10.100.x.x .
Spansko wireless(at)
JuneauWireless 10.121-127.0.0 myrond at
TasWireless info@ see URL
JuniperBeach Group http://JuniperBeach.Com support@
Alternativas Legales http://AlternativasLegales.Org wireless AT ?AlternativasLegales.Org
?RichardSoderberg freenetworks ET crystalflame DIT net
MalagaWireless guifi AT
Ames Community Network
Johnson City Wireless - anoia anoia at
?WiFi Winnipeg baix emporda guifi at
Queensland Australia All Queensland groups should take IPs out of this
BrisMesh: Brisbane CBD 10.161.x.x visit Homepage
BrisMesh: Brisbane Special 10.163.x.x visit Homepage
BrisMesh: Brisbane North-West 10.164.x.x visit Homepage
BrisMesh: Brisbane North-East 10.165.x.x visit Homepage
BrisMesh: Brisbane South-East 10.166.x.x visit Homepage
BrisMesh: Brisbane South-West 10.167.x.x visit Homepage
ZNET (Zagreb, Croatia) info(_at_)
Darling Downs Wireless (Toowoomba Queensland Australia) lazybeam at ddwireless dot net
Ips-Mesh (Ipswich Queensland Australia) ipsmesh at
Gold Coast
La Canada Wireless (Santa Fe, NM) 10.181-182.x.x/16
SydneyWireless 10.192-199.x.x .
NSW??FreeNet (Australia) .
NexTECH Wireless 10.201.x.x to 10.219.x.x
GeelongWireless 10.220.x.x
?FunkFeuer - Officially allocated by RIPE 100.5.x.x/24
?GuifiBages ramon at eupm dot upc dot edu
ZDWireless 10.231.x.x daniel.vlakic at
ZDWireless 10.232.x.x daniel.vlakic at
ZDWireless 10.233.x.x daniel.vlakic at
ZDWireless 10.234.x.x daniel.vlakic at
ZDWireless 10.235.x.x daniel.vlakic at
Passaic Area Co-op... 10.248.x.x/16
InterGroupLinks RESERVED FOR InterGroupLinks (finishes at
MadridWireless Inter-node links (finishes at
LasRozasWireless 172.16.x.x/x Inter-node links (finishes at 172.x.x.255)
ZaragozaWireless Zaragozawireless Backbone
MelbourneWireless Inter-node links (finishes at
RedLibre (Spain) Inter-node links (finishes at
SWFreenet Inter-node links (finishes at
FuenlabradaWireless Inter-node links (finishes at
SalamancaWireless Inter-node links
BuenosAiresLibre Inter-node links (finishes at
CastellonWireless Inter-node links ( anoia Backbone Inter-node links (finishes at anoia at
Ballarat Wireless Inter-node links (finishes at Inter-node links (Finishes at
ValenciaWireless Inter-node links (Finished at
Sarekada Inter-node links (Finished at
Lilyhopping wireless{at}
Backnet Backbone guifi AT
Baras/GNET Mexico .
AlamedaWireless drew at wirelessanarchy dot com
??TriValley Wireless
Lauban in Poland
AndorraWireless Backbone
XiNTCAT - Backbone
RedLibre Backbone (Spain) Inter-node links (finishes at
GetafeWireless (finishes at
FuenlabradaWireless (finishes at )
Sputnik .
CWN ??PeeringProject . .
IWIRP Project . .
NYCWireless ? .
ZRNet Service
Bmesh - Hervey Bay Wireless Not finalized thetron-at-netspace-net-au
? nikola at
Pojatno Wireless 10.111.x.x doom3 at
AlpuWireless not allocated

16Feb02: See for an outline I had for this. Comments to me at

Consume has a similar scheme (that just coveres the uk), and it clashes nicely. Oh well. See for the damage.

so what are we going to do to bring consume in line with you????