Redlibre's Objectives and Mission

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Our Objetives

RedLibre is a large project, comprised of many people, who in spite of some differences in beliefs and ideologies, are working together toward a common goal.

The reason for this page is none other than to leave a written record of these specific and general goals, goals which are held by all the interested groups and individuals within the RedLibre project. These are the 3 clear and concise objectives which we are hoping to achieve. This is what we want to do:

  • Build a Free Network (Red Libre): Red Libre is a network (in this case wireless network) created, administered and maintained by its users. It is a distributed network, which does not belong to anyone in particular but belongs to us all. A Free Network offers free and unhindered access to the network. By free you should understand that anyone may access the network at any time and can reach any part of the network.
  • Bring technology to society and make communication easier: A free network facilitates the technical formation of the users and brings new technologies to the people, breaking down many barriers which today exist toward the full development of the information society. It also helps create new communication channels between people in a way which is absolutely free and unhindered.
  • Create an emergency network which could be used in a moment of disaster: In a moment of disaster and with the following collapse of the normal communication channels, Red Libre could be used as an alternative communication channel as it does not depend on the normal transmission medium and permits the connection to the network from anywhere. It could be used to serve as an emergency network to support the data and voice communication needs which might arise.